How it began.


​10 years ago, Veronica's perogies were a treat made in her home kitchen to be shared by loved ones. After popular demand, she started fulfilling friends requests by making perogies in the evenings and on weekends. Over the years, Veronica's passion grew into a family based cottage industry, custom orders, new flavours and healthier (whole wheat options) were introduced. Following in her Grandmother's footsteps and tradition she continues to make each perogy by hand.



Veronica along with an entourage of ladies continue to keep their heritage alive by hand pinching each one. Each perogy is individually frozen in sealed bags of one dozen each weighting approximatly one pound. No MSG or preservatives used.                           

Being a vegan or a non-vegan, there is a perogy for you!

 We have a flavour to suit every palate. 


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