​*Prices per dozen

Available in white flour 

Pre orders requested for whole wheat as we carry

limited stock on hand.


The Traditional flair

The Basic: potato & cheese $8.00

The Traditional: potato, cheese & onion $8.00

3 Cheese: potato, feta, sharp cheddar & Parmesan $8.00

Classic Comforts

Deluxe: potato, onion, feta, sharp cheddar & bacon $8.25

Chive, cream cheese, potato & Russian garlic $8.00

Dill, cream cheese & potato $8.00

Spinach, potato & Feta $8.00

International Delights

Greek: potato, olives, red onions, feta & Greek spices $8.00

Garlic lovers delight: potato, Russian garlic, sharp cheddar & onion $8.00

Russian Bacon/Roasted Garlic: potato, roasted garlic, spices, peppers, bacon & feta $8.25

Mexican: potato, sharp cheddar, salsa, chili peppers & onion $8.00

Italian Pizza: potato, mozza, Parmesan, pizza sauce & Italian spices $8.00

Curry: potato, onion & curry $ 8.00

Taco: lean beef, potato, salsa, cheese, onion & taco seasoning $8.25

German: potato, sauerkraut & bacon $8.25

Sweet Treats by special order

Blueberry:  blueberries rolled in sugar  $8.00

Raspberry: raspberries rolled in sugar   $8.00

Prune plum perogies (September Special) $8.00

Special orders

Dry/bakers cottage cheese with or without potato & dill $8.50

Sauerkraut only $8.25

Custom orders prices may vary with ingredients starting at $9.00

Bonetti's Farmer Sausage $5.50 per link

Cabbage rolls beef/pork mix or vegetarian $16.25 per tray


Gluten Friendly

We can make them in most of our flavours! 

$12.00/ dozen

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