We have all our flavours available in white flour.
Pre-orders required for whole wheat & gluten friendly
No dairy or animal products are used in the vegan menu.

The Classics

Vegan Cheese & potato $8.25

The Basic: potato, salt & pepper $7.75

The Traditional: potato, & onion $7.75

Popular Demand

Garlic Lovers: potato, onion & Russian Garlic $7.75

Mexican: potato, salsa, jalapeno, chili peppers & onion $7.75

Curry: potato, onion & curry $7.75

Chive: potato, chive & Russian garlic $7.75

Dill: potato & Dill $7.75

Gourmet Flavors

Italian Pizza: potato, pizza sauce & Italian spices $7.75

Spinach: potato and spinach $7.75

Roasted Garlic: potato, roasted garlic and peppers $7.75

German: potato & sauerkraut $7.75

Greek: potato, olives, red onion & Greek spices $7.75


Custom orders $8.25 per dozen

Vegetarian/vegan cabbage rolls $15.25 per tray

Ferment4Health Sauerkraut  $8.00

in 5 flavours

regular, dill, beet, peppers & spicy jalapeno


Gluten Friendly

We can make them in all of our vegan flavours! 

$12.00/ dozen

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